Why Did Shah Rukh Khan Remain Silent During Aryan Khan’s Drug Row Know Inside Details

Shah Rukh Khan On Aryan Khan’s Drug Case: Aryan Khan, the elder son of Bollywood superstar Shahrukh Khan, was in a lot of controversies two years ago in 2021. Aryan Khan was arrested in 2021 in a drug controversy. In this case, Aryan’s name remained in the headlines and the eyes of the whole country were fixed on King Khan’s son. However, Shah Rukh Khan and his wife Gauri Khan kept silence in this whole matter. Now a friend has revealed why Shahrukh Khan was keeping silent on the arrest of his son?

What was the matter?
In the year 2021, in the drug case, NCB raided Cordelia Cruise and arrested the star kid Aryan Khan present there. After investigation, Aryan Khan was sent to custody for 25 days. However, Aryan was later granted bail after a clean chit. Shah Rukh Khan had remained silent in this matter, now his close friend Vivek Vaswani has told the media the reason for King Khan’s silence.

Why Shahrukh Khan remained silent?
Actor and filmmaker Vivek Vaswan has been one of Shah Rukh Khan’s oldest friends. In a conversation with the media, he has talked about the silence of King Khan during Aryan Khan’s arrest. Speaking to Connect FM Canada, Vaswani said, “I think he (Shah Rukh Khan) didn’t want to escalate the matter, he didn’t open his mouth, neither did Aryan, Gauri or Suhana…it was for the dignity of a family and called greatness.”

Gauri Khan said this in Koffee with Karan
However, on the arrest of the son, Shahrukh’s wife and famous interior designer Gauri Khan talked about this in Koffee with Karan. told them, “As a family, we’ve been through this… I think as a mother, as a parent, nothing could be worse than what we’ve just gone through , But today as we stand as a family, I can say that we are in a wonderful place where we all feel loved. And all our friends, and a lot of people we didn’t know. There were so many messages and so much love…I just felt blessed. I am grateful to all those people who helped us in this.

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