Water Drinking Method,Timing and Quantity, You don’t do this mistakes

Water in the diet is said to be a drink food i.e. life saver. It has been given more importance than food, so it would be good if you pay special attention to it.

Water drinking method
Water drinking rules that will change your life

Everyone knows about water, but I want to give some experiential information here.

* Acidity, effect of excessive heat, in poison disorder, more labor, and after two hours of eating, drink cold water.

* Colds, stomach related problems, breathing problems, if the hiccups are more, then drink the water after boiling (lukewarm) cooled. Drink this water little by little throughout the day.

* Person suffering from anorexia, cold, fever, diabetes, after cooling the boiled water, keep drinking small amounts

* One glass of water should be drunk at a time, otherwise there may be a problem of indigestion.

* By drinking water mixed with sugar or new jaggery, if phlegm, if it is already there, then it increases.

* By drinking water mixed with sugar candy, bile is destroyed, Venus increases.

* Drinking new jaggery mixed with water removes obstruction in urine.

* Drinking it mixed with old jaggery causes gallstones.

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* Do not drink water immediately before and immediately after the meal, it causes indigestion. Because the water cools and dilutes the digested food, which causes constipation, indigestion. Drinking water after two hours of a meal increases strength.

* Do not drink water immediately after coming from the sun, from defecation, if necessary, drink a little water.

* Drink cold water before defecation in the morning, more cold water is digested late, water cooled after boiling is digested quickly, if you want to give it to a patient, give boiled cooled water only.

* If you are thirsty, drink water at the same time, water should always be taken by sip, while standing and drinking water grabs the knee. Water should always be drunk while sitting.

* If you feel thirsty on an empty stomach, eat jaggery and drink water.

* Drinking water immediately after waking up in the night causes cold.

* Avoid running immediately after drinking water, horse riding etc.

* Drink water with a calm mind, do not drink in a state of much grief, stress, anger.

* Never drink water lying down or in the dark

* After drinking water, do not leave the first breath from the nose and leave it through the mouth.

There is a rule for every work, if you do it according to the rule, then it is beneficial to, follow some similar rules with water, so that you will be saved from all the diseases.

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