Us: Nithyananda’s fake country Kailasa, sister-city agreement with more than 30 US cities – Nithyanandas Fake Country Kailasa Cons 30 Us Cities With Sister-city Scam Report

Vijayapriya Nithyananda represented Kailasa at the United Nations

Vijayapriya Nithyananda represented Kailasa at the United Nations
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Kailasa, the fictional country of self-styled godman and fugitive Nityananda, is once again in the news. In fact, Kailasa claims to have signed a cultural partnership with over thirty US cities. Media reports say that Kailasa has done this scam with the city of Newark, New Jersey. At the same time, Newark has also admitted that it has been the victim of a scam for signing a sister city agreement with a fictitious Hindu nation.

The ‘sister city’ agreement between Newark and the fictional country of Kailasa was signed on January 12 this year and the signing ceremony took place at City Hall in Newark. However, it was later realized by the officials that in reality Kailasa did not exist. In the photographs that have surfaced, officials can be seen signing papers and posing for photographs.

In 2019, Nithyananda claimed to have established a country called United States of Kailasa. According to its website, there are over thirty US cities that have signed a cultural partnership with the fictional nation of Kailasa. Cities all over the map are from Richmond, Virginia, Ohio, to Buena Park, Florida.

After the information came to light, the Newark City Council nullified the sister city agreement with Kailasa with immediate effect. A City Council member said this is completely unacceptable and can no longer happen. Interestingly, Newark is not the only city to have signed a sister city deal with Calusa. According to the website of the fictional country Kailasa, it has more than 30 cities. According to Fox’s report, many mayors have signed such deals.

We’re finding out the fake saint has a long list of cities he’s duped, said a Fox News report on Thursday. He said he contacted some cities in the US for feedback on signing an agreement with the fictitious nation. The report states that so far most of the cities have confirmed that these announcements are indeed true. Our announcements with Kailasa are not an endorsement, the Jacksonville, North Carolina, told Fox News. They are a response to a request and we do not verify the information requested.

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