Titan Submarine Tragedy: Oceangate company suspends all investigative operations, decision taken after Titan submarine accident – Oceangate Suspends All Operations After Titan Submersible Implosion

OceanGate suspends all operations after titan submersible implosion

titan submersible implosion
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US-based company Oceangate has suspended all its exploration operations and commercial operations after the Titan submarine accident. The company’s website gave this information on Thursday. The submarine Titan was taken to show the wreckage of the Titanic ship that sank in the Atlantic Ocean in April 1912. During this, five passengers were killed due to explosion in the submarine. The submarine lost contact with its ship about two hours after taking to the water. A massive operation was launched to find and rescue all the passengers.

The company’s CEO, Stockton Rush, was also among those who died in the accident. US and Canadian authorities are investigating the cause of the explosion aboard the submersible. In the news that came on Thursday, it has been found that the wreckage of Titan submarine has been found 12,500 feet below in the sea. Oceangate said in a statement it was suspending all investigative and commercial operations on its website, weeks after the crash of the Titanic submarine that took the Titanic wreckage to death killed the company’s CEO and four passengers. However, it is not clear when the company has issued a notice related to suspension of operations on its website.

The company was advertising campaigns even after the accident

Media reports last week claimed that even after the accident, the Oceangate company was advertising expeditions on its website to see the wreckage of the Titanic ship. The company was planning two missions to look for the wreckage in June 2024. According to the website, the missions of 2023 are currently underway for which information about the dates could be obtained.

These passengers were aboard the submarine

The submarine had the capacity to carry five members to view the remains of the Titanic ship. Aboard was British businessman Hamish Harding (58), space tourist and chairman of Dubai-based Action Aviation. Hamish Harding supported the Government of India in the project of bringing cheetahs from Namibia. Apart from this, British-Pakistani businessman Prince Dawood and his son Suleman were also included in the list of passengers. Prince Dawood was the vice-chairman of the Anglo Corporation, one of the largest conglomerates in Pakistan. OceanGate founder and CEO Stockton Rush and French pilot Paul-Henri Nargolet were also aboard the submarine.

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