Tamannaah Bhatia Breaks Silence On Bold Scenes In Lust Stories 2 And Jee Karda Said Surprised To See That People Were Judging

Tamanna Bhatia On Lust Scene: Tamannaah Bhatia is in discussions these days about her recently released OTT series ‘Lust Stories 2’. In this series, the actress broke her 18 year old contract and gave bold scenes. And it is this series which has worked to bring him and Vijay Verma closer. The relationship between the two started during work itself. Now many questions are being raised about the actress giving bold scenes for the first time. Many of his fans are criticizing his decision. To which Tamannaah has now replied.

People don’t judge male actors – Tamannaah
In an interview given to Barkha Dutt for Mojo Story, Tamannaah Bhatia talked about her bold scenes and said, she was quite shocked to see that people were judging her personally for doing her bold scenes. While talking about male actors, Tamanna said how they get positive response for doing such scenes.

‘If I play the role of a serial killer, I will become like that’
Tamanna was getting the comments ‘what was the compulsion that she is doing such scenes’. But said, “I found it really weird because as an actress if I play a serial killer, will I become that?”

Tamanna also spoke openly on gender discrimination and said that people do not waste time in judging a girl. He expressed surprise at the mentality of the people even in this century.

want to meet the needs of the audience
Earlier, Tamanna had told that she wants to fulfill the needs of the audience. In an earlier interview, Tamanna had said, ‘So for me, it was a journey to become an actress who caters to the needs of the audience. The journey till now was a blur. I do not want anything like this to happen to my audience because now they do not need this thing. This illusion of mine has been shattered. That’s why I am enjoying my work by exploring myself as an artist and playing different roles.

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