Shree Anna: PM Modi inaugurated the Global Millets Conference, said this big thing – Pm Modi To Inaugurate Global Millets Conference In New Delhi News In Hindi

PM Modi (file photo)

PM Modi (file photo)
Photo: ANI


Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated the ‘Global Millets (Shri Anna) Conference’ in New Delhi today. He also released a postage stamp and a coin on the International Year of Millets (IYM)-2023 on the occasion. During this, he said, ‘I am proud that India is leading the ‘International Millet Year’. Events like Global Millets Conference are not only necessary for Global Good but also a symbol of India’s growing responsibility for Global Goods.

The Prime Minister said, being climate resilient is the strength of millets. Millets are easily produced even under very adverse climatic conditions. It also requires relatively less water to produce, making it a preferred crop for water-stressed areas.

PM Modi further praised Shri Anna Yojana. Said, ‘Shri Anna’ is also becoming a medium of overall development in India, in this the village is also connected and the poor are also connected. Shree Anna means the door to the prosperity of the small farmers of the country. Shri Anna means the leader of the nutrition of crores of people of the country. Mr. Anna means the tribal society of the country is felicitated. Mr. Anna means more crop yield in less water. Shree Anna means chemical free farming is a big base. Shree Anna is helpful in dealing with the challenges of climate change.

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