Shamshera Box Office Collection Day 2 Improved Slightly Film Already Leaked On Torrent Websites Sunday Crucial

The condition of actor Ranbir Kapoor’s first film ‘Shamshera’, which released after marriage, did not look good even on the second day. Saturday’s box office figures of the film are indicating the flop of Yash Raj Films’ third consecutive mega-budget film. The collection of the film has increased slightly on Saturday as compared to Friday, but it is not so much that the owners of theaters showing films about it should be happy. There are even reports that due to non-availability of audience to watch this film in many theaters, its shows are getting canceled. And, the more serious thing happened on Saturday that the film ‘Shamshera’ has been leaked on more than half a dozen websites.

50 Even difficult to reach crores

From Mumbai to the whole country, there has been a buzz about the film ‘Shamshera’ for the past month. But with the increasing views of the trailer of the film, dark clouds started hovering over the fate of the film. The increase in the views of the trailer of any film means that the audience is taking a lot of interest in the respective film, but when the films with such trailers turn out to be bad, then these films suffer the most from word of mouth. The film ‘Shamshera’ is the best known example of this. The slow pace at which the collection of the film is increasing, the chances of it earning Rs 50 crore are also less visible.

Tamil, Telugu audience rejected

The film ‘Shamshera’ has collected a total of Rs 10.25 crore at the domestic box office as per the final figures on the day of its release. The film has been completely rejected by the Tamil and Telugu speaking audiences. The film has earned only Rs 10 lakh in Telugu and Rs 5 lakh in Tamil on its first day. The Hindi version earned Rs 10.10 crore on the first day. In terms of first day earnings of Ranbir Kapoor’s films, this film was second from the bottom in the top 10.

Only 50 lakh increased on the second day

No one in the film trade expected the film ‘Shamshera’ to increase its earnings on Saturday. People were celebrating that at least this film should earn as much as Friday. Viewers who have made advance booking of the film will come to watch this film on Sunday as well and the day of Sunday will decide its further fate. According to the initial figures of the film ‘Shamshera’ which have been received on Saturday, it has earned around Rs 10.75 crore on the second day of release. The total collection of the film has now been around Rs 21 crore.

movie leaked online
The people of the film trade are telling the news of the sale of satellite, OTT and all other rights of the film ‘Shamshera’ made at a cost of about Rs 150 crore for about Rs 100 crore. Now if the film has to bring back its cost from the market, then it will have to earn at least Rs 150 crore at the box office, then only one third of it will reach the producer of the film. Meanwhile, news also came on Saturday that the film ‘Shamshera’ has been leaked on nearly half a dozen websites and torrent websites.

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