sex ke samay istemal karein vibrater, use massager during sex

There are still many issues that need to be talked about openly in the world of sex. There are many such things, about which people either do not know, or know very little. One such sex tool is the massager. Most people think that you will need it only when you are looking for self pleasure. While this partner can also improve the experience of both of you in sex. Let us know the benefits of using massager in sex.

Sex is great, but it’s even better when you’re both completely satisfied. Unfortunately, 90% of women cannot achieve orgasm with penetration alone. But you can use couples massager in this.

Why not get a vibrator that is designed to be worn during intercourse? It is very common not to have orgasm during sex, but some massagers, vibrators have been designed, which can help you get orgasm during sex.

what is this couple massager

A couples massager is a “U” shaped vibrator that you wear while having sex and it provides both internal and external stimulation. Due to which your chances of having an orgasm increase a lot.

We spoke to Dr. Ritu Sethi to know why you should use a couple massager during sex and how it relates to orgasm. Dr. Ritu (specialist in Gynecology and Obstetrician. Also she is Director, and Senior Consultant at The Aura Specialty Clinic Gurgaon.

90% of women cannot achieve orgasm just by penetration. Image: shutterstock

benefits of using couples massager during sex

1 Orgasm more often and more intensely

Dr. Ritu Sethi explains that these massagers hit all the right spots for both of you. The small end of the massager is inserted into the vagina. While the larger end rests on your labia, sending thrilling vibrations to your clitoris.

During sex, it puts pressure on the G-spot and penis, which can make both of you feel great. Plus, your movements help the vibrating tip of the massager vibrate against your labia and clitoris, creating intense sensations for both of you.

2 close boosts

Besides pleasure, there are other benefits of using a partner massager. During orgasm, your brain (and your partner’s brain) produces the hormone oxytocin, also known as the “love hormone.” Oxytocin is what causes you and your partner to feel closer immediately after orgasm. Many times your sweet talk increases intimacy not only in the bedroom but also helps in strengthening your relationship outside it.

use vibrator carefully
Vibrators can do things that humans cannot. Image: shutterstock

3 You are better able to explore your desires

Using a partner’s massager is a great way to explore new sexual desires. When you’re both enjoying something new in bed, you can try other things in the future, so start talking about what else you’d like to try.

A 2011 study found that sharing sexual desires and interests can increase sexual satisfaction, especially for women. So enjoy, be comfortable and feel free to laugh. Being open with each other about your desires makes you more likely to orgasm during sex.

4 Can also be used alone

Sex does not always require a partner, if you ever want to enjoy me time, then this massager can help you a lot. Use one hand to hold this massager in place and the other hand will be free to perform many other activities.

After using it alone, you will feel more comfortable using it with a partner. That’s why you should use it.

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