Sensex Hits All-time High: What is the reason for the record-making Sensex boom, how did it change in the last nine years? – Reason For The All-time High Sensex And How Did It Change Modi Government

Reason for the all-time high Sensex and how did it change Modi government



The stock market witnessed bumper buying on Wednesday with both Sensex and Nifty touching all-time highs. The Sensex climbed 634.41 points to reach 64,050.44 and closed at 63,915.42. This is the first time that the Sensex has crossed the figure of 64 thousand. At the same time, Nifty also made a record by touching the figure of 19 thousand for the first time. The Nifty climbed 193.85 points to reach 19,011.25. However, it ended the day at 18,972.10.

After all, what is the reason for this boom in Sensex? How long can this rally continue? How is Sensex making records after records after Corona? How much has changed in the last nine years? Let us know…

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