Disadvantages of Drinking raw milk – Latest research revealed the TRUTH

If you have habit or wanting to start drinking raw milk then you are going to put your health on risk. Latest researches shown that drinking raw milk may cause to your Health issues.

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What revealed in latest Researches

(IANS)| A new research has revealed that drinking raw milk can increase the risk of food-borne diseases by up to 100 times compared to pasteurized milk. “Drinking raw milk has a 100-fold increased risk of food-borne illness compared to drinking pasteurized milk,” said lead researcher Benjamin Davies from the Center for a Liveable Future (CLF) at Johns Hopkins University.

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Drinking raw milk has become more popular in recent times. Raw milk is believed to contain more natural antibodies, proteins and bacteria than pasteurized milk. Pasteurized milk is healthier, cleaner, tastier and lowers the body’s ability to contain lactose.

Use raw milk to get radiant skin

The new study has revealed that microbials commonly found in milk are Salmonella, Campylobacter and Listeria infecting with Escherichia coli O157:H7.

According to Ayurveda, some rules of drinking milk

The researchers warn that these bacteria cause foodborne illness in humans, especially in children, pregnant women and adults.

For this study, the researchers looked at nearly 1,000 articles and 81 published articles to find out the health risks and benefits of drinking raw cow’s milk.

So now you know the disadvantages of drinking raw milk and you should avoid drinking raw milk. Share this with your loved once so they also know this.


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