Rajasthan:Daughter with hot bars, broke teeth by beating and then called Jcb, calling her a witch, brutality with daughter-in-law

A shocking case has come to light in Bhilwara district of Rajasthan. Here a daughter-in-law was tortured by calling her a witch. The in-laws beat the woman with hot rods, broke her teeth and also cut her hair.

The brutality of the accused did not stop here, they also tried to bury the woman by digging a pit with JCB. On getting the information about the vandalism happening with the daughter, the father reached her in-laws house and somehow got the daughter admitted to the hospital. This shameful incident is from Jahazpur subdivision of the district.

The victim’s daughter’s father has given a complaint against the accused in-laws in the police station. The father told that in the year 2021, he had married his daughter in a village in Ajmer. A few days after the marriage, the in-laws started harassing her daughter. He was beaten up and tortured. The in-laws had also stopped sending her pies. Meanwhile the daughter gave birth to a son.

The father said in his complaint that he had married the daughter according to his status. Utensils, fans, coolers, TVs, cupboards and other items including gold and silver ornaments and Rs 30,000 in cash were given in the marriage. Even after this, the in-laws started torturing the daughter by calling her a witch. He used to get beaten up on the day he came.

On June 24, the elderly father was informed that his in-laws had beaten up his daughter badly by calling her a witch. This broke his teeth. They cut her hair and burned her body with hot rods. An attempt was also made to bury him alive by calling JCB. On June 26, the victim’s father reached the daughter’s in-laws’ house with the people of the society and the police and admitted her to the hospital, but due to her serious condition, the doctors referred her to Bhilwara District Hospital.

Here, on the complaint of the elderly father, the police have registered a case and started investigating the matter. Police say that after the condition of the woman improves, her statements will be taken, after which further action will be taken. At present, the woman is undergoing treatment in the hospital.

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