Pakistan: Another blow to Pakistan which is facing economic crisis! British Airline Virgin Atlantic Shuts Down Operations – British Carrier Virgin Atlantic Says Goodbye To Pak Skies

British carrier Virgin Atlantic says goodbye to Pak skies

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British airline Virgin Atlantic on Sunday suspended its operations in Pakistan with a flight from Islamabad to London’s Heathrow airport. A spokesman for the Civil Aviation Authority said that the last flight left Islamabad International Airport for Heathrow Airport in London at 8 am local time on Sunday. The British airline started its operations at Islamabad airport in December 2020 with seven weekly flights. The Dawn newspaper reported on Monday that the airline initially operated four flights to Manchester and three to Heathrow Airport. Later, the airline reduced its services to Heathrow Airport to only three weekly flights. The report said that Virgin Atlantic provided the best air travel services to the customers between Islamabad and London.

Virgin Atlantic spokesperson regrets decision

“While we are continuing with our flight schedule in 2020, we have now taken this opportunity to review our entire network and have decided to make some changes,” a Virgin Atlantic spokesperson said. He expressed regret for making the “difficult decision” to suspend services between London Heathrow and Pakistan. “We are proud to provide options for customers traveling between London and Manchester in the United Kingdom and Islamabad and Lahore in Pakistan since commencing operations in December 2020,” he added.

The airline did not disclose the exact reason for ceasing operations

“During this time we have also served critical medical supplies with significant cargo capacity,” the spokesperson said. “This is not a decision we have taken lightly and we apologize for any inconvenience,” the spokesperson said. We would like to thank everyone in Pakistan from the bottom of our hearts. Our customers, teams, partners and executives have done a great job over the past two years. However, it is not clear whether the decision is linked to Pakistan’s economic crisis and their impact on businesses.

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