On world sleep day you must know the best sleeping position for couples.

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Good sleep is necessary for everyone. It is very important for a healthy mind and a healthy body. It is also necessary for a good relationship between the partners. Provided that our sleeping position is the same. Experts say that if the sleeping position is not correct, then the relationship of the partner is also affected (couples sleeping position). World Sleep Day is celebrated only to tell the importance of sleep and how to sleep properly.

World Sleep Day (17 March)

World Sleep Day or World Sleep Day is celebrated to make people aware of the importance of good sleep. It aims to help people with severe sleep problems. It started being celebrated from the year 2008. The slogan of World Sleep Day is Better Sleep, Better Life, Better Planet.

what the experts say

Whether you sleep alone or with a partner, your sleeping position should be correct. at Srijan Hospital in Surat, Gujarat Senior Orthopedic Dr. Archana Rawat It is said that there is a problem when the sleeping posture is bad and the mattress laid on the bed does not support the body properly. Some things should be kept in mind for the right sleeping position.

should lie flat on the back

The ideal sleeping position to avoid back pain is to lie flat on the back. A supporting pillow placed under the neck and knees can provide relief. This position is good for correct spinal alignment. Sleeping with legs straight or by placing a pillow between the knees is also effective. Dr Archana warns that sleeping on the stomach puts undue pressure on the spinal muscles, which leads to back and neck pain.

Let us now know what is the right sleeping position for couples.

A study was conducted on the sleeping positions of couples for more than 100 years at Heidelberg University in Germany. This study, conducted by the team of researchers Irini Junker, Julia Bergel, was also published in the International Journal of Dream Research.

The preferred sleeping position for couples is spooning. Image: shutterstock

Sleeping positions used between couples such as spooning, chasing spoon, back to back, front to front, cradle, leg hug were studied. The findings found that the preferred sleeping position for most couples is spooning. 44 percent of couples agreed that this position reduced fighting and resulted in better, more sound sleep. Relationship bonding also got better than before.

What is Spooning Sleeping Position?

Spooning is the traditional sleeping position for partners. It is the most commonly used currency among couples around the world. It indicates security and comfort in a relationship. In this, both the partners sleep in the same direction. One’s back is adjacent to the other partner. This is a protective position. In this, one partner leans slightly towards the other or behind them. It provides emotional and physical comfort because of each other’s touch.

In a good relationship, sleeping partners want to be close to each other.

Richard Wiseman, a psychology professor at Britain’s University of Hertfordshire, researched the sleeping patterns of more than 1,000 people. The research explored the most popular sleeping positions among couples. In this, 42 percent people sleep close to each other one after the other.

31% of couples sleep in the spooning position facing the same direction.

Partners in a good relationship desire to be close to each other. Image: shutterstock

Only 4% of couples spend the night facing each other. In conclusion, it was stated that partners in a good relationship desire to be close to each other.

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