Nmc: Recognition of 40 medical colleges canceled in two months, action taken for violation of NMC rules

Forty medical colleges derecognised in two months for flouting NMC norms

National Medical Commission (indicative picture).
Photo: NMC


As many as 40 medical colleges have been deaffiliated across the country in the last two months for allegedly not following the standards laid down by the National Medical Commission (NMC), official sources said on Tuesday.

About 100 more medical colleges in Tamil Nadu, Gujarat, Assam, Punjab, Andhra Pradesh, Puducherry and West Bengal may also face similar action, official sources said. An official source said the colleges were not following the prescribed norms and several lapses related to CCTV cameras, Aadhaar-linked biometric attendance procedures and faculty rolls were found during the inspection conducted by the commission.

According to government data, the number of medical colleges has increased significantly since 2014. Minister of State for Health Bharti Praveen Pawar told the Rajya Sabha in February that there were 387 medical colleges before 2014, but now their number has increased to 654, an increase of 69 per cent.

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