Know which items you should not keep in fridge- Here is the list

Never keep this food in your fridge

In modern life we ​​can easily preserve and keep food items.  The advantage of keeping food items in the fridge is that the food does not spoil and the money spent on buying them is not wasted.

 : Do you have this food in your fridge?

However, there are some substances that do not need to be kept in the refrigerator as their taste deteriorates if kept in the refrigerator.  The worst-case scenario is when the quality of food changes when it is kept in the fridge.

Many foods get moldy quickly when they are kept in the fridge.  Here are some foods that shouldn’t be kept in the fridge!

 1. Tomato

Tomatoes should not be kept in the fridge as it spoils their taste.  The reason for this is that due to the cold air in the fridge, their ripening process stops and there is a risk of spoiling their taste.  Apart from this, due to cold air, the membrane inside the tomato breaks down, due to which its texture changes and the tomato becomes soft.  Tomatoes should be kept in a basket or glass bowl on the kitchen platform.

 2. Basil

When Tulsi is kept in the refrigerator, it absorbs the smell of all the food items kept around it.  Instead of keeping it in the fridge, keep it out of the fridge in a cup of fresh water.

 3. Potatoes

There is such a misconception about potato that it should not be kept in a cool and very cold place.  Due to the cold temperature, the starch found in potatoes turns into sugar very quickly.  Keep potatoes in a paper bag in a cool and dark place at home.  It is better to keep potatoes in paper bags instead of plastic ones because the paper bags keep the potatoes well ventilated, due to which the process of spoiling slows down a bit.

 4. Garlic

Keeping garlic in the fridge also causes the same problem as keeping potatoes.  Garlic should be kept in a cool and dark place instead of in the fridge.  In a cool place, the sprouts start growing from the garlic and the fungus also starts growing in them.

 5. Onions

The moisture present in onions makes it soft and keeping onions in the fridge can lead to mold.  Instead, keep it in a dry, cool and dark place.  Keep onions and potatoes separately.  The reason for this is that when potatoes and onions are kept together, they spoil quickly.

 6. Avocado

Keeping avocados in the fridge is also very complicated.  If you have bought ripe avocados and do not want to use them immediately, you can keep them in the fridge.  Don’t put them in the fridge if you want to cook them.  Cold air prevents them from cooking.

 7. Olive Oil

Most people would agree – don’t store olive oil in the fridge.  Olive oil condenses at low temperatures and becomes thick like butter.  Instead, store your favorite olive oil in a cool and dark place.

 8. Bread

You make a big mistake by keeping bread in the fridge too.  You should keep the bread out of the fridge as the bread dries out very quickly due to the fridge.  Generally, cut the bread that is going to be eaten in the next four days and keep it ready to eat and keep the rest of the bread in the fridge.

 9. Coffee

If coffee is kept in the fridge, its taste becomes bad.  Like basil, it absorbs odors from other foods.  Instead, coffee should be stored in a dark and cool place to retain its freshness and taste.  However, if you have a large amount of coffee, you can store it in the freezer.

10. Honey

Honey should also not be kept in the fridge because if it is kept tightly sealed then it does not need to be kept in the fridge.  Thus it is always good.  If you keep honey in the fridge, crystals start forming in it.

 11. Limes, Oranges and Mosambi

Lemons, oranges and mosambi etc. should be kept at room temperature and on the kitchen counter.  The quality of these fruits deteriorates due to cold air.  Take care not to keep them too close outside the fridge.  If they are kept too close together, they start getting moldy soon.

 12. Pickles

Vinegar is very high in pickles.  That is why they remain crunchy even when they are in the kitchen.  However, if you want to keep the pickles cold then you should keep them in the refrigerator door as there are some other foods which require more cooling space in the fridge.

 13. Herbs

Different types of herbs do not need to be kept in the fridge.  Instead of destroying its flavor by keeping it in cold temperatures, store them in a glass jar full of cans.  With this, your kitchen will also look attractive and the herbs will also be fresh.

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