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On the day of the month when women go through period cycle, they have to face many physical problems. Some women start having bloating problems, while many women go through the pain caused by cramps. If seen, the experiences of every woman are different from each other. Some things are very common during periods, which most of the women have to face. But sometimes due to our mistakes and carelessness, menstruation becomes more painful. Know about 6 such mistakes, which you should avoid doing during periods (6 things avoid during periods).

What is the opinion of the expert

In this regard, Dr. Anjum Ara, Associate Professor at ABVIMS and Dr. RML Hospital, New Delhi, says that painful periods are called dysmenorrhea. According to her, endometriosis, fibroid uterus, pelvic infection ie PID and STIs cause painful periods. Most of the girls have complaints of excessive period pain. If you have pain during menstruation for more than five days, then do get a medical examination done.

Here Are 6 Mistakes That Make Your Period Cycle More Painful

1. Frequent drinking of tea or coffee

If you are repeatedly consuming tea and coffee to avoid cramps during periods, then it is wrong. Apart from increasing stress, blood pressure and heart beat start increasing. Due to this, you start feeling tired throughout the day. To avoid this condition, you can include organic tea or healthy juices and shakes in your routine. Sometimes caffeine itself can cause lower abdominal cramps. Caffeine is a diuretic, which works to keep us dehydrated.

disadvantages of empty pet coffee
Are you also fond of drinking coffee on an empty stomach as soon as you wake up in the morning, then know this disadvantage. Image: shutterstock

2. Fasting or being hungry

In these days, due to heavy bleeding, weakness starts to be felt in the body. Avoid fasting especially on these days. Add nutrient-rich superfoods to your diet. Due to this, the body gets full nutrition including vitamins, minerals and calcium. Skipping miles during this time can cause many problems in the body.

3. Getting waxed

Pain receptors increase more during periods. Also the skin becomes more sensitive. This makes the waxing session painful. In these days, at the time of waxing, pain starts to be felt due to stretching of the skin. If you switch from waxing to shaving, there is a risk of cuts on the skin. To avoid this problem, waxing should be avoided at that time.

Sanitary pad aapko infection de sakta hai
Sanitary pads can also give you infection. Image: shutterstock

4. Using the same pad for a long time

Many ladies use only one pad throughout the day. This increases the risk of toxic shock syndrome. Also, itching and bacteria can increase in the vagina. To prevent this problem, change the pad thrice a day. Changing pads every 6 hours can save you the worry of stains and the discomfort of bad smells.

5. Excessive consumption of dairy products

Excess dairy products can cause water retention. Apart from this, you are at risk of acidity problem due to its excessive consumption. Consume low fat milk during periods, due to which there is no risk of cramps. Along with this, many women also have complaints of constipation.

6. Unprotected sex

Sex during periods gives relief from cramps due to orgasm in the body. The same sex done during menstruation can also increase your difficulties at times. Actually, being intimate during bleeding can increase the risk of STI ie sexually transmitted disease. Actually, these infections are found in the blood. In such a situation, having sex without a condom can become a cause of trouble for you.

Apart from this, consuming excessive sugar, salt and deep frying things can also prove to be the cause of bloating, mood swings and dehydration.

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