Ncp Crisis: ‘No matter what happens, Ajit Pawar will remain my elder brother’, Supriya Sule also took a jibe at the investigating agencies

NCP MP Supriya Sule said Ajit Pawar move is his own decision and point of view he will always be my brother

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There were speculations in Maharashtra politics for a long time that something big is about to happen. But hardly anyone expected that Ajit Pawar could once again come together with Devendra Fadnavis. At the same time, the statement of NCP working president Supriya Sule has come on this. Whatever happened is sad, he said.

Ajit Pawar will always be my elder brother

Said in a press conference in Mumbai late on Sunday night that Sharad Pawar treated everyone like a family and he is our senior leader. His response was that we are living in a democratic country where everyone has the right to speak and express his views. This step of Ajit Pawar is his own decision. My relationship with Ajit Pawar will not change, he will always be my elder brother.

Never any hatred or any misunderstanding inside NCP

Further Supriya Sule said that there was never any hatred or any misunderstanding inside the NCP. Ajit Pawar’s views were different and ours are different. We respect all our MLAs. I always talk to party workers and leaders, tomorrow also I will talk to them (party leaders and members).

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