Modest weight loss se kai swasthya labh milte hain. Losing weight in a modest way has many health benefits.

To stay healthy, it is necessary to keep the weight in balance. Being overweight can provide many health challenges. Losing extra weight is essential for a healthy weight. But rapid weight loss can also be harmful. Losing a little weight in the right and modest way can bring many health benefits.

Decrease in Cardiovascular Disease risk during modest Weight Loss

According to the American Diabetes Association, if a person is overweight or obese, even modest weight loss can lower their risk of conditions ranging from diabetes to high blood pressure. One study of the association encouraged overweight and obese individuals to lose 5–10% of their body weight. The findings showed that their risk of cardiovascular disease improved. Improvements were also seen in individuals with type 2 diabetes.

Decrease Unhealthy Fat in blood flow during Modest Weight Loss

According to a study published in the journal Cell Metabolism, losing just 5 percent of an obese person’s body weight increases the body’s response to insulin. The calories taken by them could be used better. Studies show that even modest weight loss improves blood pressure levels, heart rate. A decrease in the level of harmful fats present in the blood stream was also observed.

Modest Weight loss effect on mental health

In the research of Diabetes Care Journal, it was seen that people who lost weight rapidly, symptoms of depression, stress were seen in them. Problems of sleeplessness, frequent hunger, back pain, body pain, anxiety were also seen in them. On the other hand, modest or healthy weight loss has been shown to have a positive effect on mental health. They were found able to take sound sleep and be happy.

Modest weight loss

According to the journal Cell Metabolism, healthy weight loss doesn’t have to mean following a diet or program. Instead, it involves a lifestyle of healthy eating habits, regular physical activity and stress management (Stress management during Modest weight loss). Gradual, modest weight loss has more health benefits. A weight loss of about 1 kg per week is ideal. Losing weight in a healthy way shows a positive effect on the body as compared to those who lose weight rapidly.

Here are 5 tips to lose weight in a healthy way (Tips for Modest Weight Loss)

Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables (Fruits and Vegetables for Modest Weight Loss)

Eat a plate full of fruits and vegetables. Fiber-rich foods like fruits and vegetables help keep hunger under control. Eat an apple before dinner. This reduces the chances of overeating. Green and leafy vegetables also have a powerful effect. Choose low calorie foods like cabbage, celery, lettuce, spinach.

Starting the day with 2 whole grains (Whole Grain for healthy Weight Loss)

Start the day with whole grains and protein. Whole grains containing protein and fiber reduce appetite. Eat oats with flaxseed powder, peanuts or almonds soaked in water. Heart health will also benefit from this.

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Start the day with whole grains and protein. Image: Shutter Stock

Portion Control for Modest Weight Loss

Switch to smaller bowls and plates. No matter how tasty the food is, always eat it in a balanced quantity. eat slowly. Drink water half an hour before eating. Start the meal with salad.

4 Drink more water (Hydration for Modest Weight Loss)

The body can easily mistake thirst for hunger. So when you feel hungry, drink water. Drink 4 or more bottles of water per day.

Track your Walk for Modest Weight Loss

Keep a walking app in your mobile. This will tell you how much you walk throughout the day. Try increasing your daily quota. If you walk 2,000 steps a day, that would be one mile. Walk 10,000 steps daily. By this you will have walked 5 miles.

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Keep a walking app in your mobile. This will tell you how much you walk throughout the day. Image: shutterstock

6 Do not skip exercise (Don’t skip Exercise for Modest Weight Loss)

Engage in exercise and physical activity wherever possible. Walk on your stomach. Never skip exercise or yoga. It is necessary to do exercise or yoga 5 days a week. Weigh yourself at least once a week. Stepping on the scale will inspire you to improve your health and fitness.

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