Manipur violence badly affects farming

Manipur stares at food shortage as ethnic violence affects farming

Farming affected in Manipur
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Agriculture in Manipur has been badly affected. In fact, farmers are unable to work in their fields due to caste violence in the state and if the situation does not improve, food production in the northeastern state will be affected. Because of this, it may be difficult for people to get bread on June 2.

Cultivation could not be done on 5,127 hectares of land

Agriculture department director N Gojandro said farmers are scared to do farming because of the riots. About 5,127 hectares of agricultural land remained uncultivated, resulting in a loss of 15,437.23 metric tonnes till June 28. Tell me, about two to three lakh farmers in the state cultivate paddy on 1.95 lakh hectares of agricultural land. Thoubal district has the highest yield per hectare in the state.

Loss will increase by the end of July

Gojandro said that if farmers are unable to cultivate paddy this monsoon season, the losses will increase further by the end of July. He said that the Agriculture Department is making every possible effort. That’s why the department has prepared such fertilizers and seeds, which can be harvested in less time and require less water.

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