know why reusable water bottles are not good for health.- Your water bottle and kitchen sink have more bacteria than toilet seat.

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After the era of Corona, every other person has become more serious about cleanliness. From avoiding outside food to sanitizing everything that comes into the house, it has become a habit of people. Because this habit can protect you from harmful bacteria and viruses. But what if we say that despite keeping so much cleanliness, you can come under the grip of dangerous diseases?

Yes, according to a recent research, there are 40 thousand times more bacteria on a water bottle than on a toilet seat. Which can cause us to be pushed into the trap of harmful diseases. Not only this, but there are many such everyday things, which are carrying thousands of bacteria in themselves. So let’s know the complete information about these hidden bacteria through this article of Health Shots.

Know what research says

Waterfilterguru, a company working on water purifier and treatment of America, has recently researched many things in the house. In this research, he proved that about 40 thousand times more bacteria are found on the water bottle than on the toilet seat.

In this research, all the parts of the reusable bottle were tested thrice. According to which the maximum number of bacteria were found on the lid of the bottle and the mouth of the bottle. Other things in the house were also examined in the research. In which twice as many bacteria were found on the bottle than in the kitchen sink.

In this research, researchers have talked about getting two special types of bacteria. Image: shutterstock

Why is this bacteria dangerous?

In this research, researchers have talked about getting two special types of bacteria. According to him, two types of bacteria are found on the water bottle. The first gram-negative bacteria and the second Bacillus bacteria.

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Are these hidden bacteria really dangerous?

gram-negative bacteria

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, gram-negative bacteria are the main cause of pneumonia, bloodstream infections, wound and surgical site infections. This causes many types of infections. Along with this, it can also eliminate the effect of antibiotic.

bacillus bacteria

Bacillus bacteria are considered responsible for stomach related problems ie gastrointestinal problems. Due to this, there can be problems like stomach infection, weakness in the body. It can cause stomach ache, food poisoning.

Apart from water bottle, these things are also home to bacteria

Apart from the water bottle, other things in the house such as kitchen sink to TV, laptop, mobile and used mouse have also been considered as the habitat of bacteria.

Glass bottle is considered the safest for storing water. Image: shutterstock

Then what can be the way of rescue

Glass bottles are considered the safest for storing water. But it is equally difficult to carry it. Suggesting this, the researchers recommended washing the bottle with soap at least once a day.

Must maintain hygiene for everything in the house. After touching mobile, laptop, keyboard, mouse, working desk etc., touch hands, mouth or eyes or eat food only after washing hands with soap. Alcohol-based sanitizer can be used if hand washing facilities are not available.

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