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Most of the girls are very conscious about breast size. In the desire of a perfect figure, some take measures to increase the size of the breast, while some girls keep trying to decrease the size. Due to proper diet and hormonal imbalance, most of the girls have to go through this problem. Can the size of the breasts really be increased or decreased?reduce breast size, Let’s know what the experts say about this.

Regarding this, Dr. Shivani Singh Kapoor, MD, DNB, FNB, JK Hospital, Janakpuri, Consultant, says that girls are often worried about body changes at a young age. Due to this, they move towards breast surgery for a better look. Girls are generally advised to use shapers. Apart from this, lactating women may also have to go through problems in lactation due to breast surgery.

Do not forget these things to reduce breast size

It is necessary to have the right size bra.
Having the right bra size is essential. Image: shutterstock

1. Exercise is important

Yoga and exercise should be resorted to to deal with the changes in the breast due to hormonal imbalance. Regularly doing push ups strengthens the shoulders. Also, stamina is built and upper body strong. Apart from this, Dhanurasan, Bhujangasan, stretching exercises, running, swimming and dancing can also benefit your body. Along with all these, daily chest press and chest fly exercises also reduce the size of your breast.

2. Make changes in food and drink

Include vitamins, minerals and calcium in your diet to keep yourself fit. Avoid eating oily and high calorie food. Avoid artificial sweeteners, which are proven to cause weight gain. If you have frequent cravings for food, then you can replace it with healthy food. Instead of tea, coffee and cold drinks, eat green tea, cinnamon water, coconut water, oats, semolina chila and seasonal fruits and vegetables. Avoid sweet food.

3. Breast Reduction Surgery

By eating more fried and outside food, fat starts increasing in the body. Naturally, due to increase in calorie intake, back bulge and breast fat also starts increasing. In such a situation, your fats can be reduced through routine exercise and yoga. If even after efforts, those who are not able to become thin. They resort to surgery. In this regard, Dr. Shivani says that you are eligible for breast surgery only after 18 years. According to him this surgery is completely safe.

4. Wear the right bra size

Some women are not cautious about their dress after an age. Due to not wearing bra according to breast size, their breast starts getting saggy. Actually, due to lack of support, the breast starts to sag and hang down. Which works to spoil your body figure. While choosing a bra, make the mistake of wearing neither too open nor too tight.

breast implantation se paaen perfect shape
Get perfect shape with breast implantation. Image: shutterstock

Keep these things in mind to reduce breast size

Massage the breast regularly with any oil. This not only shows a difference in size but also improves blood circulation.

Correct size bra First measure your breast before buying a bra. Also, the cup of the bra should cover the breast completely.

Comfortable bra should be chosen instead of fancy bra.

At the same time, take any treatment only after medical advice.

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