Know how to do Frog Pose to overcome Back Pain. To get rid of back pain, do Mandukasana properly.

Mandukasana (Frog Pose) is a yoga pose. It targets the core, hips and inner thighs. It is also sometimes called Adho Mukha Mandukasana. In Frog pose, attention is paid to the process of breathing. This hip-opening asana works the body on different levels. It removes back pain and relaxes the body. It helps in relieving mental and physical stress. According to yoga expert Dr. Smriti, Mandukasan or Frog Pose can be included in regular yoga practice to remove back pain.

Here is the right way to do Mandukasana (Right way to do Frog Pose)

Sit in Padmasan. Hip should be in between both the ankles.
Join both the hands with the opposite side of the palm. Tie both the hands in front and keep them above the navel.
Rest on forearms with your elbows under shoulders keeping palms together or on the floor.
Keep the toes turned outwards.

lean forward

Keeping the weight on your hands, lean forward.
Keep your chin or forehead towards the floor.
Breathe deeply as you focus on relaxing and releasing the tension.
Maintain this posture for 1 minute. With practice this can be stopped for 3-5 minutes.
To release the pose, place the hands under the shoulders and slowly bring your knees to the centre.
Rest on your stomach or move into Child’s Pose or Downward-Facing Dog.

Here are 4 benefits of frog pose (frog pose health benefits)

For more benefits of Mandukasana, it is also done in different ways. In the beginning, do not do this yoga for more than 30 seconds. Gradually its time can be increased.

1. Can reduce back pain (Frog Pose for Back Pain)

Mandukasana can reduce back stiffness and strengthen the back. This is great for people who work sitting for long periods of time. This can eliminate pain in the lower back. It can also improve hip flexibility, mobility and range of motion.

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Mandukasana can reduce back stiffness and strengthen the back. Image: shutterstock

2 Can improve mental health (Frog Pose for Mental Health)

Incorporating breathing exercises into Frog pose can provide even greater benefits. Mindful breathing can improve mental health. Meditation can be focused on the center point of the head. This asana, done in a mindful way, reduces chronic pain and tension. It improves the quality of life and promotes mental health.

Frog Pose for Diabetes

This pose along with several yoga exercises can help control blood sugar levels and reduce complications. According to the International Journal of Yoga, it can positively impact the management of type 2 diabetes. These yoga asanas can improve the function of the pancreas. Doing this pose for at least 30 seconds can be beneficial.

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Frog pose can help control blood sugar levels and reduce complications. Image-Shutterstock.

4. Improves blood circulation (Mandukasana for Blood Circulation)

Practicing Mandukasana can improve circulation. It helps to promote blood flow and reduce high blood pressure. This asana provides the most benefits in the management of high blood pressure when it is combined with breathing, meditation and relaxation techniques.

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