Janen sex ko enjoy krne ke tips.-Learn tips to enjoy sex.

Most women are not completely satisfied with their sexual life because even today they are not able to demand satisfaction and pleasure from their partner. In such a situation, many times women start being irritable and upset. It affects your mental health as well as physical health. Just as your partner demands pleasure from you, in the same way you can openly talk about sexual pleasure with them. A better sex life improves your personal life too.

If you are also not satisfied with your sex life then you need to pay attention to some important tips mentioned in this article. Health Shots spoke to Dr. Gunjan Bhola, Obstetrician and Gynecologist, Moringo Asia Hospital, Faridabad on this topic. He has given some important tips to improve sexual life, so let’s know the expert’s opinion on this (how to enjoy sex in a relationship).

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Here are the tips that can increase pleasure in sex life

1. Physical affection is important

If you are in a relationship and both of you are having sex only in the name of intimacy, then it makes your sex life extremely boring. So make your partner realize how much they mean to you. Participate in activities like kissing, touching, cuddling before sex.

It is not necessary that you have sex everyday, sometimes sleeping with cuddles, talking, giving importance to these things also matters in a relationship. It makes your emotional and physical bond stronger. So when you do have sex, it can feel more exciting.

2. Change position and angle to have sex

Women are often not able to talk openly about their pleasure, in such a situation, the sex position of the partner and your pleasure can be different, leaving behind the hesitation and shame, you should talk to the partner about this.

First understand that in which angle and position you are feeling more pleasure, ask your partner to change the angle and position accordingly. Seeing your equal participation, your partner can also feel better.

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3. Use Lube

If you feel pain during penetration or your vagina is dry and you are not enjoying sex as much, ask your partner to use lube. This will help you get better pleasure and make your sex life interesting.

For this you do not need to buy expensive lubricants, there are some special home remedies such as using aloe vera gel and coconut oil. However, take special care of hygiene while using them.

4. Sex games can also be tried

Having sex is not enough, enjoying it is also very important. Otherwise it starts affecting the relationship negatively. Healthy and enjoyable sex can have a positive effect on your mental, physical and emotional health.

In such a situation, to make your boring sex fun, you can participate in some special sex games. Enjoy it with your partner on weekend night. Participate in sexual games such as Strip Poker, Blindfold Picnic, Guess What, Truth and Dare.

sex games
Has a positive effect on physical and emotional health. Image: AdobeStock

5. Plan a fantasy night

Everyone has their own sexual fantasy, so to make your sex life fun, share your sexual fantasy with your partner. For this, choose a day on which both of you can openly talk about it with each other. Then try to fulfill each other’s fantasy.

Along with this, now you can also participate in sex yoga, sex exercise etc. Seeing the same intimate movie etc. also increases the excitement towards each other. All these things make your boring sex life fun.

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