Janen Kin Logon Ko Nahin Karna Chahiye Hiit Workout. Know which people should not do high intensity workout.

Aerobic exercise especially High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is a part of the workout. It reduces belly fat faster. But it is not good for all people. Many researches show that high intensity exercise can reduce the risk of cardiovascular problems. Can increase the risk of Heart Problem. Experts say that this workout is not for everyone (hiit workout side effects). It is also important to follow a safe and healthy exercise regimen.

What is High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

High-intensity interval training workouts involve intervals of vigorous physical exercise. These include running, jumping, and other short activities that last for several minutes at high speed. One has to stop for rest in between.

High-intensity interval training should not be done in these 4 situations

1 Can be dangerous for patients with heart problems (HIIT for Heart Patient)

“Cardiovascular exercise is great for the heart as it improves the ability of the heart muscle to take up oxygen from the blood,” says Satya Vyas, Founder CEO, Project Hero and fitness expert. It can also help reduce blood pressure and cholesterol. But aerobic exercise, which consists of high-intensity workouts, puts more stress on the heart. This exercise can increase the risk of heart conditions. Especially for those who already have heart problems. If you have a heart condition, start slow with activities like swimming, walking or biking. Do stretching. Also take rest in between, especially when you feel tired.

2 Exercise beginners be careful (HIIT for Beginners)

According to Satya Vyas, if you have started exercising, then high intensity exercise will not be right for you. There are many complex activities in this workout. If you do them in the wrong way, you can even harm yourself. Try less intense forms of physical activity first and then do these workouts.

benefits of exercise
High intensity exercise will not be right for beginners. Image: Adobe Stock

Beginners Start with intervals of between 45 and 75 seconds for each exercise. Rest and then repeat the same circuit two more times. Set up two more circuits of two exercises and follow the same protocol. If you start to get bored, you can add lighter dumbbells in the second or third round. The most important thing is to give your body time to recover.

3 Do not do workout after injury (HIIT for Injured Person)

If an injury has occurred, it is not advisable to engage in high intensity workouts. Exercise and movement put more stress and strain on joints and muscles. If there is an injury, then such exercises should be selected, which is adapted to the injured body. High intensity workouts or other types of exercise can aggravate the injury by placing stress on the affected areas.

4 During pregnancy (HIIT for Pregnancy)

Exercising does not appear to increase the risk during pregnancy. Pregnant women should do 150 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic activity a week. It is important to avoid high intensity workouts during pregnancy. If a pregnant woman is already doing it, then she can do it with slight changes. This can benefit the child. Pain and fatigue may be reduced. But if a pregnant woman is starting it, then it can be dangerous for the mother and the child. The effect of exercise done with jumps and jerks may not be correct.

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Exercise in pregnancy
It is important to avoid high intensity workouts during pregnancy. images adobe stock

At the end

Hydration is essential for high intensity exercisers. Taking breaks should also keep taking water. Also, it should be started under the supervision of the instructor.

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