iPhone 14 Pro Models’ Always-on Display Feature Leaked via XCode 14: Details

iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max models have been tipped to get always-on display features, and now there’s seemingly one more reason to believe it. An iOS developer has spotted what looks like a preview of the feature in the Xcode beta 4. Multiple references indicating the presence of an always-on display have been spotted in iOS 16, which Apple announced earlier this year. Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman speculated that this feature will come exclusively for the Pro models of the iPhone 14.

Always-on display feature leaked

As per a tweet by iOS developer rhogelleim (via 9to5mac), the SwiftUI preview, which lets developers interact with their app projects in real time, has seemingly leaked an example of the always-on display feature. He shared a screenshot and says that the widget (lock screen accessory) with Apple CEO Tim Cook’s face, which is normally shown in full colour, was greyed out, therefore hinting at the feature.

Always-on display features

Always-on display feature technology allows the phone to show notifications, battery status, clock, among others on the screen allowing users to get relevant and useful information without having to unlock the phone. It also essentially consumes very little battery. Apple currently only offers the always-on display feature in the latest Apple Watch models.

iPhone 14 Pro always-on display capability

As mentioned, iOS 16 has also been reported to include some references to the feature. The iPhone 14 Pro models are said to come with a refresh rate that can scale to as low as 1Hz from a maximum of 120Hz. This helps preserve battery while offering the always-on display capability. These models will come preloaded with iOS 16. Apple showcased support for widgets and new notification styles on the revamped Lock Screen suggesting that it could be a part of the always-on display capability.

iOS 16 with always-on lock

In fact, Mark Gurman said in May that iOS 16 will include future support for an always-on lock screen that would allow the iPhone to reduce its frame rate significantly and display “glanceable information” when the screen is idle. He said the feature may be exclusive to the Pro models: iPhone 14 Pro and the iPhone 14 Pro Max. He also said the feature will not be available for the existing iPhone models.

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