Indore News: Fire In Rau’s Papaya Tree Hotel, Passengers Trapped In Rooms Were Evacuated By Crane

Fierce fire in Rau's Papaya Tree Hotel

Fierce fire in Rau’s Papaya Tree Hotel
– Photo: Amar Ujala


A fire broke out at Papaya Tree Hotel in Rau, Indore on Wednesday morning. The fire broke out on the angel floor of the hotel. At that time people were staying in more than 25 rooms of the hotel. Due to the fire, smoke filled the rooms and there was chaos in the hotel. Passengers trapped in the seven-storey hotel were also evacuated with the help of a crane. Some people were seen trying to get down from the fifth floor by tying the sheets kept in the room.

Apart from this, lives were saved by evacuating people from the upper floor of the hotel from the gallery by installing high stairs. Fire brigade also reached the spot, but due to lack of water, there was difficulty in extinguishing the fire. The fire brigade personnel first tried to rescue the people trapped in the hotel.

illegal construction on roof

The roof of the hotel was also packed with iron sheds, due to which people could not even go to the roof. There was a lot of smoke from the first to the third floor. Due to this the people trapped in the rooms were not able to come down.

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