Here are some side effects of eating without appetite.

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These days the most trending topic on social media is fitness. From celebrities to fitness experts, they keep sharing one or the other video giving fitness motivation. According to fitness experts, it is also necessary to have the right diet along with workouts for proper fitness. Because only diet does up to 70 percent work for weight loss. Diet means not only eating but also eating at the right time and in the right quantity. You must have seen some people who start eating even when they are not hungry. Sometimes following a strict diet and sometimes under the pressure of loved ones. Which can also cause many problems due to spoiling the diet.

To know more on this topic, we spoke to Clinical Dietician and Weight Loss Expert Shikha Kumari (Dietition_Shikha_Kumari). Who told us the reasons for this problem and also told about its disadvantages.

Learn from experts the main reasons for eating without any reason –

1. Emotional eating

Many people find it okay to use food as a way to cope with negative feelings such as stress, anxiety, or sadness. In such a situation, they start eating at any time.

Feeling bored when there is too much free time
Boredom is felt when there is too much free time. Image: shutterstock

2. Being bored

Some people like to eat to escape boredom. Especially those people who do not have other activities or hobbies to spend time.

3. Getting used to

Eating at certain times can become a habit for many people. In such a situation, they start eating even when they are not hungry. Because they get used to doing so.

4. Under social pressure

When you are sitting in a group, sometimes you may need to eat even if you are not hungry. In such a situation, many times overeating has to be done due to the stubbornness and pressure of others.

5. Craving for any food

Sometimes cravings for certain foods start happening when you are not hungry. Eating to satisfy your cravings even when you are not hungry can be the cause of your problem.

After knowing the reasons for eating when there is no appetite, now it is also important to know what problems this habit can make us a victim of –

You may have to face these problems by eating when you are not hungry –

1. Rapid weight gain

Weight loss expert Shikha Kumari says that eating unnecessarily can increase your weight and make you obese. Because with this you take more calories than the daily need, which can be stored in your body in the form of extra weight.

2. Cause of heart diseases

Expert tells that people who have a habit of eating food even without hunger. They may be at risk of many health problems such as heart disease, diabetes and some types of cancer.

Maintain digestive health.
This habit can become the main reason for digestive problems. Image: shuttercock

3. Digestive Problems

Eating without hunger means eating more food than needed. This habit can become the main reason for digestive problems. Due to this, you may have to face problems like bloating, gas or constipation in the stomach.

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Eating when not hungry can have negative effects on physical health as well as mental health. Due to this, you may always have stress, anger, lethargy, tiredness, lack of focus.

Expert advice must pay attention to eating habits –

According to experts, you should eat only when you are hungry and in need. Along with this you should know why you are eating. By paying attention to your eating habits, you can choose healthier options as well. Which can prove beneficial for your health.

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