Here are some important facts about Clitoris. Here are some important facts about the clitoris.

We are told a lot about sexual and reproductive health, but people are still not able to talk openly about pleasure and orgasm. When it comes to women’s orgasm, they themselves feel hesitant to talk about it. There is nothing to be compressed in this.

Most women achieve orgasm by stimulating the clitoris. But do you know everything about the clitoris? There are many women who have very little knowledge about the clitoris. So let’s know some important facts related to clitoral (Clitoris Anatomy) with health shots today. Talk openly on this topic and enjoy your pleasure.

We spoke to Dr. Gandhali Devrukhkar Pillai, Consultant, Department of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists, Wockhardt Hospital, Mumbai about this. So let’s know what doctors say on this.

What is clitoris?

The clitoris is a part of the vagina and it plays an important role in pleasure during sex. You can recognize its outer part, which resembles a pea-sized neoplasm near the top of the labia.

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Where is the clitoris?

The clitoris is located on the top of the vulva. The vulva refers to the outer parts of your intimate parts, including the vagina, clitoris, labia (the folds of skin around the vagina), and the urinary track (where urine comes out).

external anatomy

Outside the clitoris, the clitoral hood is the skin that covers and protects the glans. The glans is a small structure that stimulates you sexually through the dorsal nerve (which extends inside the body).

internal anatomy

The clitoris may be bigger than you think. According to the National Library of Medicine, it measures 9 to 11 centimeters in length and most of it is inside the body. The body, root, crura and vestibular bulbs are all internal parts of the clitoris.

Here are some important facts related to the clitoris

1. There are different nerves in the clitoris

Of all other parts of the vulva, the clitoris has the most nerves, which makes it more sensitive. Research revealed that there are about 8000 nerve endings on the clitoris glans, that is why it is called the powerhouse of pleasure.

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It is called the powerhouse of pleasure. Image shutterstock.

2. Everyone’s clitoris is different

Every woman needs different types of stimulation to feel satisfaction, depending on their unique biology. The clitoris is sensitive, this does not mean that everyone wants to stimulate it directly, some women stimulate themselves by touching the area around the clitoris instead of directly touching the clitoris.

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3. The clitoris can grow with age

However, the size of your clitoris does not affect your sex life. The size of the clitoris can change over your lifetime. Many people may have an enlarged clit due to changes in hormone levels after menopause. Don’t be alarmed if you notice some differences in the size of your clitoris over time.

4. Clitoris can also be erect

If you are talking about erection, then not only the penis but the clitoris can also get erect. You may never notice it, but if you observe it, you can feel it. This occurs when the vestibular bulb fills with blood during sexual arousal. Blood is stored until it is released through orgasm.

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Your clitoris can become erect. Image: AdobeStock

5. Is the clitoris the real G-spot?

All of us must have heard about G-Spot at one time or the other. It is a part of the clitoris. The G spot is located inside the vagina, which helps women achieve orgasm. According to research published by the Journal of Sex and Marital Therapy, very few women reach orgasm during intercourse.

The study found that only 6% of women achieved orgasm through vaginal intercourse. And in another study, 18% of women experienced orgasm during vaginal intercourse. But according to another study done, up to 70% of women who made clitoris stimulation a part of their sex during vaginal intercourse achieved orgasm.

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