Health Tips -Let’s just not ignore our health in daily routine work and other stuff

Health Tips : We should adopt to follow healthy and refreshing things and make it a habit to our daily life

All the youth of today are desperate to look smart and dashing.  They also have to be healthy, earn money in order to make a bright career.  He also knows very well that to add all these qualities within himself, he must be serious about his fitness.  Some easy to adopt fitness tips for youth:

Start your day fresh

– Waking up early in the morning and drinking up to one liter of water kept in a copper vessel at night.

Do Tadasana in the name of yoga in the morning.  In this, you have to stand on the strength of both feet and take both hands as high as possible.

Clean the teeth and gums by mixing mustard oil with salt.  It strengthens the teeth and also cures pyorrhea.

Do pranayama according to your power for 5 to 10 or 15 to 20 minutes.

After doing pranayama, exercise according to the capacity, if you cannot go to the gym, then do regular exercise at home.

If you get time, stay bare body in the sun for some time i.e. take a sun bath.  This removes the deficiency of Vitamin-D in the body.

Massage oil once a week.

– Wash hands before meals.

– Reduce food hunger.

– Chew a lot of food.  Eating green vegetables and seasonal fruits.

Drink water one hour after a meal.  If available, drink salted lassi with food.  Be sure to rinse after a meal.

Healthy Lifestyle: Small Measures, Big Results

What we excuses

You can count many reasons for poor health like pesticides, pollution, multitasking, traffic jams and genes or office pressure etc., but always making them your reason takes you away from many important aspects related to health.  Remedies that are in your hands and can have far-reaching effects on your health. Some fitness expert relates it to your diet and lifestyle.  Here is small changes mentioned which can change your life

What exercising is actually

Exercising is like taking a bath

The purpose of exercise is not limited to simply losing or gaining weight.  No matter what your weight is, just as you eat or bathe every day, exercise should also be a part of your daily routine.  Don’t wait for the time you’ll have a job or regularity in your life to start exercising.  If you are not able to exercise for at least seven days in a month, then you should leave your busyness and make a place for exercise in your life.

Start good habits

exercise anytime

Choose the right time for a walk, working out in the gym or doing yoga.  A time that is convenient for you.  Don’t run after any one time.  This time can be at nine o’clock in the night or even at eleven o’clock in the day.  That is to say, a good workout gives the same result all the time.

Dumbbell lift, body build

Weight training is often misunderstood.  It is not just limited to body-builders.  If you do weight-training under the guidance of a good trainer, it benefits people of all ages or diseases, diabetics and diabetic patients too.  Weight lifting strengthens your muscles and heart, which increases your stamina and strength.  Do weight training four times a month.

Home Remedies: Common Health Tips

Put a pinch of raw rice in the mouth and swallow it with water.  Experts say that this strengthens the liver and there is no complaint of bile.

Soak one tola triphala in cold water at night and drink it after filtering it in the morning.

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