Government will Acquire Stake in Vodafone Idea When Share Price Reaches Rs. 10 or More- Details

The government will reportedly acquire a stake in telecom operator Vodafone Idea, after the company’s stock price has stabilized at Rs. 10 or higher, after the telco offered a stake at that price which was cleared by the finance ministry in July. Operators in the country were previously offered the ability to pay interest for four years of deferred spectrum installations as well as adjusted gross revenue (AGR) by converting the net present value of the interest into equity.

According to a report by PTI citing an official source, the Department of Telecom will clear the acquisition of shares in Vodafone Idea after the company’s shares stabilize at Rs. 10 or above, in accordance with a Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) norm that requires acquisitions to take place at par value.

The telecom operator had offered the government a stake at the aforementioned price, and the proposal was cleared by the finance ministry in July, as per the report.

Vodafone Idea had opted to convert nearly Rs. 16,000 crore worth of interest liability which is owes to the government. After the acquisition, the telecom operator’s promoters will reportedly have a 50 percent stake, down from nearly 75 percent, while the government will have a 33 percent stake.

However, according to the report, the government will only complete the acquisition of its stake in Vodafone Idea once the share price at Rs. 10 or higher. On Thursday, the operator’s shares were trading at Rs. 9.68 — it hasn’t crossed the threshold required for the acquisition since April 19, as per the report.

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