Can a girl become pregnant if she made phisical relation during periods? Know the opinion of experts

Being a mother is one of the best fillings in the world. When a woman is pregnant, she keeps her little life in her womb for 9 months. However, this happiness happens only if your pregnancy is already pre-planned. If you become pregnant without planning then it is a big blow for both mother and father. Especially when the couple having physical intercourse is not the husband and wife. Meaning if two loving girlfriends have sex without protection, then their chances of becoming parents increase very much.

Although having a relationship with protection is the safest option, but some people also apply their one and a half years of wisdom. Many think that if they have sex during the periods of girls, then she will not be pregnant. This is a question that many boys and girls are looking for the answer to. Many people do not like having sex with protection (condom).
At the same time, sometimes it is not nearby and the atmosphere is created. In such a situation, couples think that even if they have sex during periods, can pregnancy happen? Let us know the answer to this question.

When a girl is bleeding, she feels that her period has come. However this does not happen. This is bleeding from ovulation. When eggs are released monthly from the ovaries of girls, that process is called ovulation. This is the time when if sex is done, then girls have the highest chance of getting pregnant. This ovulation occurs before a girl’s period stops bleeding.

To put it more simply, the release of egg from the woman’s ovary is called ovulation. This process happens every month in a woman’s body. When this time is going on then women can get pregnant very easily. Women’s period cycle is 28 to 35 days, out of which some days are due to the arrival of ovulation.

Apart from this, sperm ie sperm can also play an important role in getting you pregnant in periods. In fact, ovulation starts within a few days of the end of the period. At the same time, a sperm has the ability to fertilize an egg for 3 days. In such a situation, if a girl has sex even on the last day of her period, then she can become pregnant.

At the same time, making a physical relationship of protection also gives a feast to diseases. It not only increases the risk of infection but also sexually transmitted diseases such as HIV. So overall, it is not safe to have sex in periods without any protection. If you keep a physical relationship during this time, then it can be risky. You can become pregnant too.

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