Easy Tips to Eliminate thyroid from the root, the problem will go away in 3 months

In today’s time, the food, lifestyle of people has changed, due to which many diseases are seen in many people. One of those diseases is thyroid problem. If a person has a thyroid problem, then there is a possibility of iodine deficiency inside the body in such a situation. If you take care of your health then you can get rid of this disease.

In today’s time 4 out of 10 people are suffering from thyroid problem. If the thyroid is causing weight gain, hair fall, body fatigue or skin-related problems, then you do not need to worry. There are many people who think that thyroid disease is minor, which can be cured by taking medicine.

But thyroid disease is not small. Due to this you can have many health related problems. If it is not controlled in time, then you can fall prey to other diseases. Today we are going to tell you some such tips through this article, with the help of which your TSH level will be reduced in 3 to 4 months, but it also depends on how old your disease is.

These Foods Increases Thyroid Problem

As we know, home food is very good for health, but hardly you would know that the biggest reason for thyroid can also be home food. Yes, if more oil and spices are used in the food inside the house, then it does not cure thyroid. Many people have a habit of eating things like chips, biscuits, namkeen etc. sitting at home. Which causes thyroid to enlarge.

Ideal Diet to Control Thyroid

If you want to get control over your thyroid, then for this it is very important to have 4 necessary qualities in your food.

  1. You can eat fruits, vegetables, sprouts and grains. You have to keep in mind that the consumption of canned foods, chips etc. is harmful.
  2. Eat food in the form in which nature gives us food, which includes brown rice, flour with bran, dates or jaggery. Avoid white rice, white sugar, refined oil, maida, non-bran flour, refined food etc.
  3. You should consume plant based food. Avoid consuming eggs, fish, milk or things made from it.
  4. Consume more and more of the things which have more water content like watermelon, cucumber, kiwi etc.

Foods to Control Thyroid

If you want to control your thyroid as soon as possible, then your diet should also be perfect for this. You must include ghee juice in your diet, but do not consume anything for 2 hours after that. You can consume a seasonal fruit in breakfast, but you have to keep in mind that do not forget to consume sour and sweet fruits. Eat a grain or a vegetable roti at lunch time. Along with this, you can take any vegetable in which coconut has been rubbed instead of oil. After that in dinner you eat salad etc.

Use Rock Salt

People suffering from thyroid can use rock salt in place of iodine salt because iodine salt is made by highly refined and processed which is not considered good for health.


If you want to control your thyroid as soon as possible, then it is not necessary to be hungry for the whole day. You can have dinner at 7:00 and the next solid mill at 11:00. You fast for 16 hours but don’t forget to take morning detox drink. The body should be given rest for 16 hours at night.

Cleaning of the Intestines is Necessary

If you want to control your thyroid, then cleaning the intestines properly becomes very necessary. You can take enema on the advice of a doctor.

Cold Water Cloth on Body

Take a cotton cloth and soak it in cold water and wrap it on your neck, stomach and neck for 30 minutes. By doing this there is an increase in blood circulation and the thyroid gland starts working. Similarly, you have to apply bandage in the morning and evening for 3 months. Do not do this in winter season.

Outdoor Exercise

It is important for everyone suffering from thyroid to exercise, only then you can have thyroid control. When you exercise, it causes movement of the body and increases blood circulation rapidly, which has been considered beneficial in thyroid.

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