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Due to wrong eating habits and deteriorating lifestyle, stomach related problems are easily making people their prey. In such a situation, along with problems like gas, bloating, acidity, there is also a risk of urinary tract irritation and bladder infection. This is commonly called UTI (Urinary tract infection). However, this is a problem that we can prevent from happening by including proper foods in the diet while maintaining proper hygiene. Along with medical treatment, home remedies are also available for this.

Generally, this problem is seen more in women than in men. Many times men also have to face this problem due to carelessness towards hygiene, but the problem is less in men as compared to women. Whatever the disease may be, its treatment is possible if it is detected in time. For this, a complete examination of the body should be done at a fixed time interval. Due to which whatever disease is flourishing, it can be stopped there itself.

If UTI is not treated on time, it can lead to kidney and bladder infection. At the same time, it gradually becomes fatal for the body. So to avoid such inconveniences, today through this article of Health Shots, you will know all the facts related to UTI. Will know the reason for its occurrence as well as some important preventive measures.

It is very important to keep getting tested at a proper time interval to prevent UTI. Image: shutterstock

First know what experts say on this subject

Health Shots spoke to Dr. KK Tripathi, a gynecologist practicing at Bhopal Medical College for the last ten years on this subject. Starting with the figures of UTI (Urinary tract infection), he told that “if we talk about one thousand women and men, then 600 women and 400 men have become victims of UTI problem.”

According to the doctor, the problem of UTI is due to the problem related to the kidney, as well as if it persists for a long time, it can affect the kidney badly. On the other hand, in some cases, the problem increases so much that there may be a risk of kidney damage.

Along with this, there may be problems in the gallbladder. He advises that “It is very important to get tested at a proper time interval to prevent UTI. By doing this, the risk of serious diseases can be prevented from increasing in the future.

Now know why the problem of UTI happens

According to the doctor, there are many reasons for UTI, such as neglecting intimate hygiene and consuming fast and junk foods in excess. They say that the main cause of UTI (Urinary tract infection) is E-coli bacteria. This bacteria enters the body through urine and can badly affect your health. It harms women more than men.”

stress urinary incontinence
You may be suffering from stress related urinary incontinence. Image-Shutterstock.

These symptoms can be of UTI

Women see symptoms during UTI. In such a situation, one has to face symptoms like pain in the lower abdomen, burning sensation in urine, foul smell of urine, frequent urination. All these are common symptoms of UTI problem, if any of these problems are happening then contact the doctor immediately and get your test done.

If not checked in time, the disease can reach the kidney from the bladder. At the same time, there can be problems of pain in the lower back, chills and fever. Pay attention, as soon as urine starts smelling, show it to the doctor.

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These problems happen during UTI

According to the doctor, if you have UTI then there is a risk of kidney spread. Sometimes it can cause problems in both kidney and bladder simultaneously. At the same time, when infection reaches the blood, it can also damage other parts of the body through the blood. Doctors say that “in such a situation an operation may also have to be done. To what extent the merge is, it would be known in the investigation, after which the information about whether the operation is needed or not can be found.

Never hold back pee. Image: shutterstock

These people are more at risk from UTI

low water drinkers
delayed urination
Ignoring hygiene after sex
bathing more than necessary in a day
kidney stone sufferer

If you do this too, be careful. At the same time, bring changes in these habits immediately. The problem of UTI can be detected by examining urine. Diabetic patients should also keep checking urine from time to time to avoid this disease.

Now know what is the treatment of UTI

Those who do not have a serious problem of UTI (Urinary tract infection), they can also treat their disease by taking antibiotics. Apart from this, you should drink a lot of water every day. At the same time, cold things should be consumed in UTI, along with probiotics are also very effective.

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