Drdo: ‘Shared information of many missiles including BrahMos-Agni’, revealed in charge sheet against DRDO Scientist – Shared Information Of Missiles Including Brahmos And Agni Reveals After Charge Sheet Against Drdo Scientist

Shared information of missiles including BrahMos and Agni reveals After charge sheet against DRDO scientist

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There have been new revelations in the charge sheet about DRDO scientist Pradeep Kurulkar, arrested for sharing intelligence to a Pakistani agent. According to the charge sheet, Pradeep had shared information related to BrahMos Launcher, Drone, UCV and Agni Missile Launcher to Pakistani spy Zara Dasgupta.

First know what is the whole matter

Pradeep Kurulkar, head of a Pune-based Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO) laboratory, was attracted to a woman associated with the Pakistani intelligence agency. The ID of Pakistani agent Zara Dasgupta was on social media. Pradeep and Zara’s conversation started on social media. A little closeness increased between the two. During this, Pradeep gave some sensitive information to Zara. After this, the ATS of Maharashtra Police arrested him on May 3. The ATS filed a charge sheet against the accused on July 1.

Now read, what was written in the charge sheet

It was revealed in the chargesheet that Pakistan Anjet, who was running an ID in the name of Zara Dasgupta, claimed on social media that she was a software engineer in the UK. Zara befriends Pradeep by sending obscene messages and videos. According to the chargesheet, the Pakistani agent asked for information about BrahMos launchers, drones, UCVs, Agni missile launchers and military bidding systems, among other things. Pradeep first collected all this information in his phone and then sent it to Zara alias Pakistani agent. According to the ATS, both were in contact from June 2022 to December 2022. When Pradeep’s activities were found serious, DRDO decided to conduct an internal inquiry. However, earlier in February 2023, Pradeep blocked Zara’s number. After this Pradeep got a message from an Indian number why did you block my number.

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