Doklam Dispute: Bhutan’s PM Thering told Doklam the border dispute of three countries, India’s concern may increase – Bhutan Pm Lotay Tshering Remarks China Equal Say In Doklam Dispute Raises Concerns In India


– Photo: Amar Ujala


Bhutan’s Prime Minister Lotay Thering has called China a partner in resolving the Doklam dispute. The Bhutanese PM says that Bhutan, India and China are equal partners in resolving the Doklam dispute and the three countries will have to work together to find a solution.

However, India believes that China has illegally occupied this high altitude area. Six years ago, the tension between India and China had increased considerably due to the encroachment of Chinese troops in Doklam and Indian and Chinese soldiers were face to face for a long time. Now this statement of Bhutanese PM can increase India’s problems.

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