Children’s mental development can be affected due to poor economic condition.- Weak economic condition affects the mental development of the child.

It is said that if children do not get proper nutrition in childhood, then it hinders their development. Many poor children in India have been victims of malnutrition earlier due to lack of proper food and nutrition. The effect of which can be clearly seen on their physical stature and immunity as well. But now a new study has come. In which it has been claimed that the poor economic condition of the family affects not only the physical development but also the child’s brain health (Poverty effect on brain health).

what is this new study

The study, conducted by the Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis, suggests that growing up in poverty can affect a child’s brain structure. The study, published June 27 in JAMA Network Open, points to a link between both neighborhood and household poverty and the brain’s white matter pathways.

This white matter plays an important role in helping the brain process information. which allows communication between brain regions.

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Both point to a link between household poverty and the white matter pathways of the brain.
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The University of Washington is a national leader in the study of the developing brain and one of 21 study sites across the country participating in the Adolescent Brain Cognitive Development Study. Which has been monitoring the brain health of nearly 12,000 children aged 9 to 10 for at least a decade.

The study reported that impairments in white matter are associated with vision and mental health challenges in children. But how economic status affects the white matter in the brain of children is not known. If this information was available, it would be easier to find preventive measures for it.

Due to these reasons, the development of the brain in childhood is also hindered.

The researchers also observed that childhood obesity and lower cognitive function may explain the effect of poverty on white matter differences. In general, children who grow up in poverty have a higher risk of obesity. Scored lower on tests of cognitive function than their peers in higher-income neighborhoods and homes. This may be partly due to limited access to rich sensory, social and cognitive stimulation.

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Children who grow up in poverty are at higher risk of obesity. Image: shutterstock

These studies and others suggest that persistent exposure to poverty-related stressors, such as lack of quality education, poor health care, limited access to nutrition and stable housing, may alter brain development. Poverty-related factors can affect children’s cognitive abilities, emotional regulation, and social functioning.

Although poverty can have negative effects on brain development, this does not mean that all children who grow up in poverty will experience the same consequences. The brain is a highly complex organ and individual factors such as resilience, supportive relationships and access to opportunities may play an important role in mitigating the effects of poverty on brain development.

Understanding the impact of poverty on brain development may help inform policies and interventions aimed at reducing socioeconomic inequalities and providing support to vulnerable children and families.

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