Check- How fit are you?

Usually, our focus on the fitness of the body comes when the diseases have knocked.

Solve these questions to know whether you do the necessary physical exertion to stay away from diseases according to lifestyle.

1. What is your daily schedule and type of work?

a) seating all time

b) quite active, moving

c) persistent

2. How much time a day, in general, on TV?  Goes to watch/read newspapers/magazines?

a) 3 hours or more

b) 1-3 hours

c) less than 1 hour

3. What kind of sports do you like more on holiday?

a) Tash, Chess, Scrubles, TV, Movies

b) walking, gardening

c) Ground Sports (Badminton, Tennis,   Football etc.)

4. how often you walk 3km or more   longer?

a) No or sometimes

b) twice a week

c) everyday

5. Is half a kilometer  Do you prefer to walk without using a car/scooter to travel the distance?

a) no

b) sometimes

c) always

6. How often do you participate in sports like field sports, swimming, dancing, running etc.?

a) rare /No

b) once a week

c) more than 2-3 times a week

7. How much time a week do you do household work? (cleaning the house, doing laundry, watering, gardening)

a) Less than 1 hour

b) 1-3 hours

c) more than 3 hours

8. How often do you do sweating/breathing exercise/work out?

a) once a month

b) 1-2 times a week

c) 3-6 times a week

9. After catch the bus/train, suddenly run for a short distance or climb the stairs of the 4th floor.

how long does it take for your breathing to return to normal?

a) 2 minutes or more

b) less than 2 minutes

c) No breathlessness


Number yourself according to whichever option you have chosen for each question. a= 0, b= 1, c= 2

Calculate your total score accordingly.

If your score is 12-18 that means You are very active.  Your fitness should be good.  Your activism will help in keeping you free from diseases.

If your score is 6-11 that means you are somewhat active, but it is not enough to remain disease free.  Exercise daily.

If your score is 5 or less: Your life cycle is inactive and it lacks exercise.  You are more likely to be sick and unfit.  Start hardwork/exercise/sports, agility and enthusiasm will come.

Follow good fitness habits daily basis most of the diseases will be away from you..

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