Fitness: Be healthy by doing exercise for just 30 minutes

Tips: Doing exercise daily is good habit to live healthy energetic life

A recent study said that 30 minutes of physical exercise per day increases energy. Along with this, it motivates people to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Research from the University of Copenhagen explained how light exercise is more motivating than vigorous training. The findings were published in the public health journal Scandinavian.

Exercise 30 minutes to maintain your healthy life

As Science Daily reports, obesity has enormous socio-economic consequences. Decades of health campaigns have also not made any significant progress in this direction.

Researchers at the University of Copenhagen are trying to avoid this widespread problem and develop a new integrated way of treating it.

Fitness Tips: Ways to tone your hips and thighs

Professor Bente Stalnech, from the Department of Biomedical, University of Copenhagen, said obesity is a complex problem that needs a multidisciplinary approach. In a new scientific article, we collated experiences during a 13-week trial period on biomedical studies.

He said that it is able to convey the astonishing fact that 30 minutes of exercise per day is as beneficial as an hour of strenuous physical exertion.

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