Avoid Doing this Things after finishing Lunch to Continue Live Healthy Life

Do you go out for a quick walk after having a heavy lunch? You may not go but many people like you do this everyday. This is a very harmful habit that should be stopped immediately to continue live healthy life.

According to experts, our digestive system is so strong that whatever you do not eat in the opposite direction in lunch, it will digest everything. Our stomach digests the food properly and gives us all the necessary nutrition in the form of energy.

But at the same time our stomach system is also a little sensitive and it is not able to function properly when you give pain to it. That is why it is advised to take rest for 15-20 minutes after having lunch in the afternoon.

Image: Avoid doing listed things after finishing Lunch

Let us know what mistakes many people make after lunch, which affects their digestion badly and impacts their lifestyle

Brushing teeth

Brushing should not be done after lunch. If you have eaten any citrus diet, then brushing your teeth will immediately remove the layer of teeth, which we call enamel.

Drinking too much water

If you drink too much water after a meal, it affects your digestive system. It can also cause many stomach diseases.


Image: Don’t smoke just after finishing lunch

The blood circulation of the body increases after having lunch. But when you smoke after that, its smoke easily enters your body and damages the lungs and kidneys.

Going for a walk

Going for a walk directly after having lunch, the nutrition of food is not absorbed well in the body.


A lot of blood is needed to digest food, which is supported by the brain. But if you focus your attention on driving after eating, then the brain will not be able to do that work to digest your food.

Going to sleep

Sleeping after eating can cause many digestive diseases. Due to this you can also have gas problem.

Having tea

An acid is found in tea which does not allow the protein from food to be digested in our body. Even food is not digested quickly by drinking tea.

Taking Bath

Immediately after taking a bath, the blood flow of hands, feet and body will increase or decrease around the stomach. This will slow down the digestion process and you may also fall ill.

Going to the gym

Image: Avoid workout after finishing Lunch

Even if you go to the gym, your body’s metabolism will decrease and you will not be able to digest food properly.

Eating fruit

By eating fruits, gas is formed in the stomach immediately and the stomach becomes bloated.


Swimming before lunch is good, but doing it after will spoil the digestion process. It looks like nausea.

Climbing stairs

One should not climb stairs after eating as it dilutes the digestive juices, which can lead to acidity.

So now you know the wrong habits most of the people follow when they finished their lunch. Please share this with loved once so that they can continue to live healthy life and enjoy their life.


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