5 ways to prevent diseases in urban women.- Ways to prevent lifestyle diseases in urban women.

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The condition of women becomes miserable while trying to keep pace between home and office. A strong woman who runs around all day forgets to take care of herself. Be it food or living, she goes on ignoring everything. Due to her desire to give all the facilities to others, she is unable to take care of her health. Due to long working hours, insufficient sleep and unbalanced nutrition, they become victims of lifestyle diseases. This figure is continuously increasing in the cities. But if you do not want that you too become a victim of lifestyle disease like obesity, diabetes, blood pressure, then keep some important things in mind from now.How to avoid lifestyle diseases,

Urban women and lifestyle diseases

According to a survey by the Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry, 68 per cent working women in the age group of 21 to 52 years are suffering from obesity, stress, chronic back pain, diabetes and high blood pressure. At the same time, a study by Preventive Healthcare and Corporate Female Workforce states that 75 percent of working women become victims of stress and anxiety due to working long hours.

According to a research by NIH, women have to go through many problems for not being able to take care of themselves. 70 percent or more women are at risk of having fibroids in the uterus or breast by the age of 50. Apart from this, symptoms of these diseases are also found in more than half of the women. As

heavy bleeding in periods

prolonged periods

experiencing pelvic pressure or pain

Passing urine frequently or complaining of constipation

painful intercourse

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Here are 5 essential tips that can save you from lifestyle diseases. Image: shutterstock

What is the opinion of the expert

In this regard, Dr. Aditi Sharma, Head of Nutrition and Dietetics at Manipal Hospital Ghaziabad, says that missing the first meal of the day is the biggest mistake. You prepare breakfast in the morning itself. Apart from this, we have to go through many problems due to not being able to keep ourselves hydrated. Drinking tea repeatedly without eating anything increases the problem of acidity. Women should increase calcium intake in their diet. Apart from this, fiber rich foods should be included in your diet. Avoid frequent consumption of sugary foods. This increases the calorie intake in the body. It is most important that we should get enough sleep so that our mind can remain relaxed. Its effect is also visible on our health.

Here are 5 essential tips that can save you from lifestyle diseases

1 Make sure to workout

If you feel that running throughout the day can replace your workout, then it is wrong. Exercise means when your body focuses entirely on itself. Be it yoga, gym or aerobics. Take out half an hour a day for exercise. This increases flexibility in the body. With this special step of self-love, you can prove to be effective in warding off many diseases.

Avoid Skipping Breakfast

The first mile of the day gives us strength of mind and strength of body. Often those women who leave for work without eating anything, they often suffer from the problem of fatigue and dizziness. If you have made it a part of the routine, then your immune system also starts to weaken.

In this regard, Dr. Aditi Sharma says that it is important to have vitamins and minerals, zinc, protein and fiber in your breakfast. Due to this, there is no problem of frequent hunger and you can stay without eating for a long time. If you want, you can prepare the morning breakfast a day before.

Keep drinking water sip by sip

There are many people who drink very less water throughout the day. Its effect is seen everywhere from their skin to mind. Due to the busy work day and sitting in the air-condition, there is no thirst. In such a situation, whether you set a timer or set an alarm, but before eating food, some time must be taken out to drink water.

For this, keep a water bottle on your desk at all times, so that you will remember to drink water. Must drink one to two liters of water throughout the day. This will detox your body and the body will also get essential minerals.

Health check up
Taking care of your health is the beginning of self love. Image: shutterstock

4 Health checkup is also necessary

While taking care of everything, we forget to take care of ourselves. With age, blood test is necessary to meet the deficiency of vitamins and calcium in the body in time. Apart from this, it is your first responsibility to take care of everything from diabetes to heart health. Many problems increase with age. The treatment taken at the right time works to save health. Apart from this, if there is pain in the bones, that too must be examined.

5 Make Time To Travel

Take out some time for yourself along with being involved in work throughout the day. Go for a walk with friends. Spend some time in solitude with yourself as per your wish. This will reduce the increasing tension in the body. Apart from this, the mind will feel relaxed. Sometimes sitting empty is not a waste of time but it is helpful in keeping our body healthy. Don’t miss the opportunity to cheer yourself up by taking a break from work. Along with this, it is also necessary to complete eight hours of sleep.

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