23 Year young man beat cancer 6 times, Now helping other cancer patients

Jayant show real meaning of positivity

Friends, if your mind is strong to fight the disease, then no matter how big is the disease it can not harm you. In this article, we are going to tell you the story of a cancer victim with such a strong mind, who kept the journey of his life by defeating a terrible disease like cancer not once or twice but for the whole 6 times. Jayant Kandoi, a resident of Ajmer, Rajasthan, was very smart in reading and writing since childhood. Jayant used to perform very well not only in reading and writing but also in extra-curricular activities. Jayant has also been a district level Kho-Kho champion and he is also a motivational speaker.

Even with this disease he not left study

In the year 2013, when he was in class X, he was diagnosed with cancer on one side of the throat, after which he underwent 12 chemotherapy at Bhagwan Mahaveer Cancer Hospital, after which his health improved. After this Jayant took the board examination and passed 10th class with good marks. Jayant was moving ahead in his life after beating cancer that in the year 2015, he once again got cancer on the other side of the throat and this time he had to do 60 radiotherapy. This time also Jayant defeated cancer.

Later Jayant went to Delhi University to study B.Com. In the year 2017, he suddenly started having stomach pain. After getting checked, it was found that it is also cancer. After this he was treated and he once again became fit after talking on cancer. During this time, Jayant along with his friends formed the Star City club and started helping cancer patients. Time passed and in 2018 Jayant made an application called Gyan Ki Baatein. People liked this application very much and till now millions of people have downloaded it.

Image:Jayant Kondai

Became a motivation for others

2019 started, Jayant got a lump this time and that too near the pancreas but this time too Jayant got cured after beating such a serious disease. In 2020, where the whole country was upset, Jayant once again got cancer and this time he had to undergo a bone marrow transplant. Jayant’s family told, that time was so difficult for him that everyone gradually left him. But after coming out of all these diseases in Jayant, there was a different enthusiasm.
Jayant is a very good motivational speaker and is pursuing MBA. People like his speech a lot. After battling with cancer, Jayant realized how painful the pain of cancer was. That’s why he wants to help people fight cancer.

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